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The Federal Motor Service Safety Administration (FMCSA) is chargeable for making certain that Brokers and Freight Forwarders are registered and have a form of financial security on file for shipments of property and household items. The freight broker bond is designed to make sure that freight brokers and forwarders maintain sure requirements and follow the laws of the FMCSA. It really works to prevent fraud and insured that motor carriers and shippers are paid in a timely method.

Brokers, freight forwarders and nonvessel operating widespread carriers, or NVOCC, are required by federal legislation to hold a surety bond in the occasion they fail to pay the service that performs the move on the shipments they broker. On Dec. 1, 2013, the $75,000 broker bond went into effect — up from the previous bond requirement of $10,000.

Freight Broker Bond, A Detailed Analysis

Surety Bond Associates Most bond brokers just sell bonds, we create them. PayScale: Median wage of $41,571. On the low-end, brokers earn $30,177. On the high end, they earn around $73,500. Brokers in big cities, comparable to Dallas, Kansas City, Houston and Portland, earn increased salaries.

For instance, when you don’t pay motor carriers in a well timed manner, a claim can be made. Study extra about how surety bonds work and the way not having a full understanding can put your brokerage at risk Previously known as an ICC bond, the freight broker bond continues to be typically known as a transportation broker bond or property broker bond.

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Specializing in Providing Surety Bonds to Companies and Individuals all through the United States. Let’s begin with some fundamental details about your organization to get going on your new Bond or Insurance. Please be aware that something marked required should be completed earlier than you possibly can submit the form.

Fastest on-line surety bond application course of; we approve bonds instantly. Brokers are required to have a surety bond price no less than $10,000.

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One of many provisions of the MAP-21 Freeway Funding Act mandated that the minimum broker surety bond be increased from $10,000 to $seventy five,000. If you are required to acquire a freight broker bond to perform as a freight broker, you have the liberty to choose the surety bond firm that most closely fits your circumstances, so select correctly.